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The Gippsland lakes are a wonderful 420km+ inland water body, the largest in Australia!

Lake King, Lake Victoria and Lake Wellington all offer no rocks or reefs or tidal influence = hassle free boating!

90 Mile Beach House and Villas offers a unique Gippsland Lakes accommodation option with easy access to both Ninety Mile Beach and the Gippsland Lakes. There are two close locations from which to launch boats into the Gippsland Lakes.

1: McLennans Strait is only 15 minutes drive and offers excellent basic launching facilities with a sealed ramp and tie off/boarding locations as seen below.


2: Loch Sport is roughly 20 minutes drive away and there is a much larger, modern Marina with a launching ramp. There is a $10 launching fee there. You would need to make your own enquiries with the Marina on 03 5146 0243.


You can obtain a detailed Gippsland lakes Boating Guide from Gippsland Ports.

The link to their website is HERE. From that page you can download the comprehensive PDF of the Gippsland Lakes Boating Guide which will provide invaluable information contained in detailed nautical maps. Gippsland Lakes Boating Guide (Updated 2010) details the channels of the Gippsland Lakes. Additional information relating to water depth, bridge heights, boat ramps, sewage pumpouts, fuelling installations, overhead powerlines and on-shore facilities is also included.

Enjoy your boating on the Gippsland Lakes by day and great accommodation by the Gippsland Coast at night, only 200 metres from the beach. It is the perfect combination!