Gippsland Lakes Accommodation, Golden Beach is the perfect location to rent a holiday house as a Gippsland Lakes holiday base. Stay on the beach but be within 15 minutes of the Gippsland Lakes!


Golden Beach is an undiscovered seaside town right in the heart of the Gippsland Lakes Region. 36 kilometres from Sale and 245km from the Melbourne GPO, located exactly half way along Ninety Mile Beach in Gippsland Victoria, Australia. Golden Beach is within 15 minutes drive of the great boat launching ramp at McLennans Strait where you launch into the channel which joins Lake Wellington and Lake Victoria.

The town centre of Golden Beach is accessed via the Longford/Golden Beach Road which crosses the usually dry expanse of Lake Reeve. After crossing the lake, the road is known as Surf Edge Drive and opens up to a wide boulevard with a central strip of grass and beautiful Norfolk Island pine trees.

On the beach, around 6½ kilometres south-west of the Golden Beach town centre, is the Trinculo shipwreck. In 1879, a gale caused this cargo sailing ship to strike a sandbar just off the coast, forcing it ashore. The remains of this vessel can still be seen on the beach today. To visit the wreck, drive to the signposted car park on Shoreline Drive and then follow the shady track through the coastal vegetation and across the sand dunes to the beach where the wreck is.

You can launch boats into Bass Strait close by at Glomar Beach but we haven’t been able to find any definitive information about this! In any case it is literally a “beach launch” so reserved for smaller boats.

Great ocean fishing can be enjoyed in and around Golden Beach and there is an annual Surf Fishing Competition with thousands of dollars in prizes.

Water access for boats to the vast Gippsland Lakes system is available at McLennans Strait as already noted. It is a 15 minute drive from Golden Beach via Seacombe. To get there, follow the road towards Loch Sport, taking the signposted road to McLennan Strait via Seacombe. The Gippsland Lakes support numerous species of wildlife and there exist two protected areas within - The Lakes National Park and Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park. The Gippsland Lakes wetlands are protected by the international Ramsar Convention on wetlands. There are also approximately 400 indigenous flora species and 300 native fauna species. The lakes are home to about 50 of the recently discovered species of Bottlenose dolphin, the Burrunan dolphin. The wetlands provide habitat for about 20,000 waterbirds – including birds from as far afield as Siberia and Alaska. The Gippsland Lakes have been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area because they regularly support over 1% of the global populations of Black Swans, Chestnut Teals and Musk Ducks, as well as many Fairy Terns.

Golden Beach is ideally positioned to take advantage of these two amazing assets, the Ninety Mile Beach and The Gippsland Lakes.